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    On purchases of more than $60 a month


    $4.99 on any order to contiguous US states

Why PantryPerks ?


Our multi-level REFER-A-FRIEND program !

We like to buy stuff that’s good for our body, good for the planet and good for small and boutique businesses. But it comes at a cost – literally a cost that takes a whole paycheck away at times ;)

It doesn’t have to be that way. How about you EARN everytime you buy these good products – natural, organic, boutique .. We call it MyPerks.

Ever seen referral programs in apps where you and your friend both earn a reward when your friend signs up and makes a purchase. We do exactly that but across multiple tiers or levels. 

Here's how MyPerks - our super-charged, multi-level REFER-A-FRIEND program works :

Get 7% cash-back every time you purchase on our site. Get 6% every time your friends purchase and (wait :) get 5% everytime their friends each purchase. There is no membership fee, all that we ask is you purchase a minimum of $60 in any calendar month to get your own cashbacks and your referral earnings.

We do believe in business doing good. So everytime there is a transaction on our site, we will also give away 1% to a charity of choice.

So with a one-time outreach to your friends,you can  kickstart your pantryperks and start earning. Month after month. After month. After month.

More about our REFER-A-FRIEND program

There are multiple MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies in the market. Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Stella & Dot are a few companies that have their unique business models to promote multi-level marketing. 

However, PantryPerks is different. We are not a multi-level marketing (MLM) company.

1. We do not compensate people for recruiting associates.

2. We do not expect you as a consumer to purchase and carry inventory for re-selling

3. We do not sell private label / own-store brand.  

 4. There is no need to throw parties ;) (Unless you want to !  If so, hit us up - we love partying !!)

We consider ourselves a multi-level social commerce company (patent-pending) that incentivizes you to refer your friends and rewards you with cash-back only when you and your friends purchase from our site - well-recognized, name brands that you see in national and local organic / specialty stores such as WholeFoods, Sprouts etc. 

Enjoy spreading goodness - good products, good cause and economic empowerment - among your friends and family, and become a part of the ever-growing 'sharing economy'. Your friends and family (and your planet) will thank you for that !