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    On purchases of more than $60 a month


    $4.99 on any order to contiguous US states

PantryPerks Etiquette


  • No spamming please! Ever! We are on a big mission to improve lives and it starts with avoiding spamming people :) 
  • Depending on how close you are to your potential referrals, you may or may not want to discuss this openly in person in larger crowds. It is probably best to casually refer to PantryPerks and its benefits, and then follow up separately on a one-on-one basis either in person or via popular media such as Facebook messenger, Text, Whatsapp, Email or good ol’ Phone Call.
  • While all of us have our passions and are finding means to fund them, different people have different motivations to earn our fabulous perks. For example, some of our users use their proceeds to help them with their rent while others donate their proceeds to charities (over and above the 1% of every purchase that we donate from our side). It is best not to discuss the purpose to which they could potentially use their perks towards. Talking about affordable access to brands that are good for the body and the planet, and the charity elements of PantryPerks is fair game though !
  • Never ask people about how much they purchase per month on PantryPerks ( ‘Tis like asking a woman her age, in public). You may possibly ask about their experience with PantryPerks, how they feel about being part of a community that wants to make a difference and their ease or issues in propagating the mission.
  • Have fun ! Feel great about spreading the goodness amongst the people you care about – your friends and family. Know that they will thank you for introducing them to PantryPerks.
  • Live Well. Stay Passionate. Spread Goodness. Embody our mantra, and enjoy life doing so !